Frustrating Business

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'I'm sorry, sir, this is the department of Immediate Dissatisfaction. Your appointment is with the Bureau of Eternal Frustration.' Image Credits:

Business can be very frustrating.
I don’t even think this is a reserve of African business, or even Kenyan business, I know that many business men and women go through tough and frustrating times. I have gone through several cycles of frustration but I think this is the most exasperating of them all.

You see, when you go into business, one has many hope and dreams of success and freedom. You are finally free form that irate boss, whose decisions can be made by a 5 year old and whose mood swings have made you research on hormonal imbalance, You dream of financial freedom, to finally make the money you feel your effort is worth, because it doesn’t matter how hard you work, your salary will not change much……if you are lucky you might get a bonus which usually is a measly percentage of the money you…

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